Pro and Cons of Amazon Associates

One of the fascinating affiliate marketing online programs you can benefit from is Amazon Associates. Amazon is among the best organizations of today, so working with them has to mean great things for anyone’s business. First, your affiliate program offers a variety of ways to show ads, which makes them even more attractive to your guests. They also have one of the lowest payment thresholds among comparable websites. Also, however, startup rates are somewhat small, Amazon Associates remains exceptional among the other options.

Pro and Cons of Amazon associates

Amazon offers many reasonable results in its large number of products, but you need to invent your particular method to market them. You must remember that when you present a product in a specific niche, many of your potential customers may have this now and not need another.


Easy to use

With this Amazon affiliate marketing network, it’s easy to begin monetizing your blog. Just sign up, select the strategy you need to implement to add Amazon merchandises to your blog, and you’re done. Also, its control panel is additionally straightforward to understand, taking into account fast navigation and trouble-free operation.

Different products to advertise

Due to the great power of Amazon, amazon associates offers more than 1.6 million products from different vendors that you can promote on your blog or website. More than that, the variety of products you can promote is phenomenal. Regardless of whether the main purpose of your blog is consumer clothing, books, video games, music, electronics, furniture, food or movies, you can be sure to look for the right products to post through Amazon Associates.

Various options to show ads

If you are sure of how the ads will influence your site or blog, then signing up to be an affiliate of Amazon Associates will be great. That is a direct result of how they offer an extensive variety of customization options concerning how their ads are showed. You can choose between automatic ads, widgets, contextual links, and also an Amazon store.

A little threshold of minimum payment

One surprising aspect of Amazon Associates is the way they have a low payment threshold. That means that once your commissions exceed $ 10, your payment is naturally qualified for download. That cannot be said for extra affiliate marketing programs, where some have a base payment threshold of $ 50.


Low initial fees

The starting commissions of Amazon Associates are, unfortunately, very low with only 4%. In a purchase of $ 20, for example, you may want to see a negligible commission of 80 cents on the sale. All in all, commissions may go up to 15%, as their sales volumes increase. Low initial fees for new members can be a bit of a problem for people who’re starting out with their blog and who will not have a lot of follow-ups yet.


Some good things about Amazon’s affiliate program are that it is reliable. Individuals in Amazon are likely to buy the most different destinations since it is a stock that is stored in the brand. Another favorable position of this program is that the commission that an editor obtains is not only for the product that they promoted. The commission that an editor receives is for the complete purchase.

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